Friday, June 21, 2013

Scrapbook Paper Cone Wreath Tutorial

 I decided to make a summer wreath that would cost me next to nothing. I looked up a tutorial online to find a method for using scrap booking paper and found one that looked really cute.

Below is what I was supposed to be making...

I thought this wreath looked beautiful! The problem: I didn't cut my paper into circles, but rather triangles, and on top of that my individual pieces ended up way too big. As the wreath above shows the pieces are to be glued small cone end down and the top is supposed to stick up at you. My cones ended up being so big my wreath would have been five inches off the door (and wouldn't have fit between the door and storm door.

To make the actual wreath, I took newspaper and crumpled several pieces into a long tube, then taped the ends together. I wrapped the newspaper with white tissue paper (so you couldn't see the newspaper through the gaps of the scrap book paper cones. It was a really easy way to recycle and reuse newspaper.

I had spend a good long while taping these little scrap booking paper cones the night before, so there was no way I was going to proceed without using these cones. I used about 6-8 different patterns of scrap booking paper but all with similar colors. I had a larger triangle of patterned paper (about 8 were made from a 12x12 piece of paper) and smaller triangles (about 16 from a 12x12) that were single colored. With those single color, I placed an additional cone inside itself so there would be color from both the inside and outside of the cone. If your scrap booking paper is double sided (not white on one side) this step would not be necessary. However, this is how my smaller cones got the double point out the top.

 I had glued down a dozen or so cones when I realized it wasn't going to work. I decided not to take them off, but  cut them down half way. I took the rest of the cones I had made and glued them sideways with hot glue. It took me about 4 glue sticks to do this entire wreath, so make sure you have enough because I only like getting hot glue strings everywhere once!

I took my wreath hook and wrapped some of the coordinating triangles around it so the colors would be fluid rather than a bright red hook holding these pastel/summer colors.

I found a much easier idea I could have used after I began my project and realized it wasn't going to work:

 But, I might have just accidentally discovered the best new scrap booking wreath project in the world. According to my sister, they look like those Chinese finger traps that tighten up around your fingers as you pull them apart. She really isn't that far off...

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