Wednesday, July 31, 2013

5 Ways I was an Awesome Step-Mom this Summer

I have found myself doing several things this summer that I think qualifies me as a pretty awesome step-mom!

Awesome Meter #5-Taxi Mom:
Waking up everyday during the week to take my step-son to football practice. Soon I'll be making 4 daily trips to the school for a.m. and p.m. practices. Most of the time I end up waiting as practice runs late. I probably spend up to 4 hours a week just in traveling for this school sport! As an add on-I helped push two mini vans that got stuck in flash-flood water in the school parking lot. I was up to my knees in water and not a single part of my body was dry by the time everyone got pushed out. I was just lucky I saw them stuck before I, myself, was stuck along with them!

Awesome Meter #4-I See Ice Cream

Purchasing on sale pints of ice cream at the grocery store despite our best effort at a diet. It is part of the fun of summer to get occasional frozen treats. Who can pass up $1.50 for a pint of Starbucks ice cream?!

Awesome Meter #3-Raising a Baby Squirrel:

We found a new born squirrel and I agreed to not only get it to a safe place (away from my dogs), but keep it and raise it until it is old enough to survive on its own in the wild. You can read about the squirrel in the original post here as well as the first week update on the squirrel here.

Awesome Meter #2:-Upcycling

Made the salvaged purple bedside tables for my youngest step daughter's bedroom.
It went from
<-----  to  ----->.

You can see the original post for this project here.

Awesome Meter #1-Watch N' Sniff Honey Boo Boo:

Running out to the store 20 minutes before the "Watch N Sniff" season premiere of Honey Boo Boo to get the magazine with the corresponding scratch and sniff paper. I figured despite my feelings of the idea being ridiculous it is a once in a life time (I hope) type of novelty and it makes my step daughters happy!

Anyone else want to share their awesome parenting or step-parenting experiences they had this summer? Let us know with a comment either here or on our facebook page!


  1. You are awesome!
    Im sure the step kids thought so to and Im sure they've had an amazing time!!
    Bright Blessings from our side of the world *wink*

  2. you've got lots of awesome goin' on... participating and supporting our kids takes effort, but so worth it. I don't mind the running and doing, but sometimes the things the little people like on tv --gah --I'm just glad we are out of the dora, and that max and ruby stage ;) Oh, and that is really cool what you are doing to help the baby squirrel.

    1. Thank you so much Amy! You are totally right, worth every minute of it :)


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