Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Give Your Kitchen a Face Lift for Under $20!

My  $20 Kitchen Makeover:

Okay, so here is the back story.  Two years ago, my husband and I came across an offer we simply couldn’t refuse.  My mother in law was getting remarried and planned on moving in with her new husband.  The real estate market wasn’t in a place where she felt comfortable selling, so she offered for us to buy the house from her…for a steal.
I ADORE my mother in law and I am so thrilled we got this house…but her taste is definitely not on par with mine.  The hallways are half wallpapered with flowery nonsense and each room has an awful border.  Also, my mother in law was apparently afraid of color.  White. White. White. Everywhere you don’t see wallpaper you see white.  
When I gave birth to my daughter 12 weeks ago, my husband informed me that I could stay home with the children and not return to work. What a blessing.  Since I have been spending so much time at home I am noticing all the little (okay, a lot of them are big) projects I want to tackle.  I decided to start in the room where I spend the most time and somehow manage to keep clean despite a man, a boy, a baby and me…my kitchen.
Here is are a few shots of my boring white kitchen.  I don’t have one of the kitchen table because at the time of the photo shoot it was overrun with products for my husband’s business.

This kitchen is where my fellow Stepford Sisters and myself spend a great deal of time and I decided it would be best to start somewhere that the changes I wanted to make were going to require minimal output of time and effort and maximum intake of pleasure, joy and bragging rights.  

I started out thinking I would paint the cabinets, until I realized what an undertaking that would be. I’m not one to spend a ton of time on DIY’s and with a new baby, my time is limited as it is.  I decided instead, that I would paint only the center of the cabinet to create a modern ‘accented’ look.  Then I looked to Pintrest for advice.  (I found a lot, but wound up doing it my own way.)
I chose my paint color based on my counter tops and decided on a popping grey.  The color is called Iron Mountain and it is a matte finish Behr Premium Plus Ultra quart sized can. (which, incidentally, turned out to be MORE than enough. I had to rein myself in from painting more just to use it up.) I also bought a darling stencil and decided I would accent my grey with a white stencil, so I also purchased a trial size container of Behr Premium Plus Ultra, also in matte and the color is called Flat-Ultra Pure White.  The total damage for my supplies was about $19 and change, so I rounded up. I spent $20 on my supplies.  Here is the finished product!

What do you think? Pretty simple and cheap, but a big impact!

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