Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Independence Day (Tomorrow)!

What a wonderful day to celebrate Independence Day for our wonderful country. I always find it funny when a few of my Canadian friends forget its significance since their ‘independence day’ is not on the 4th.

Two out of the three of us live near a large city in the state we reside in so we have the opportunity to see fireworks a few times throughout the course of the week. If you look in your local paper or listen to your local news you can likely find at least two days of fireworks to go enjoy.

This is a time when we all love to enjoy the sunshine, be outside in fresh air, grill out, and eat the summer’s fresh fruit and vegetable bounty.

Of course, amongst all of the celebrating and good times, we remember that we have not been able to have all of this without the sacrifice of others. Not just those who lost their lives, but those who battled, fought, and the families who were also affected by such sacrifice.

Be safe amongst your holiday plans with sparklers, fireworks, and traveling!

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