Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quick Tip: Get Rid of Bloating and Gas

I love cherries and cherry season started while I was still pregnant. Never having a problem with them before, I bought myself a big bag and decided to eat some for dessert. Soon after consuming them however, I began to feel the worst bloating cramps I had felt during my pregnancy.

From my previous post on drinking water while pregnant you know that I had avoided the worst of bloating due to switching from bottled water to cups, so this was a nasty surprise to me. Shannon looked it up, and sure enough cherries can cause bloating and gas.

He also looked up the cure. Fennel Seed. This made immediate sense to me since I had noticed fennel seed was the key ingredient in gripe water, a common remedy for gassy babies.

Shannon brought me a teaspoon of fennel seeds and within a few minutes of chewing on them slowly, my bloating subsided enough for me to go to sleep and by the time I awoke, it was gone completely.


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