Friday, July 26, 2013

Salvaging Road-Side Treasures

I found two matching 70's bed side tables by the street driving home earlier this month and decided to see if I could come up with something. My step-daughter piped up and said she would like them for her room. The wood wasn't in perfect condition but it was not beyond repair. We decided that since the wood would not exactly match her existing furniture that we were going to give it a fresh coat of paint.

Here are the tables the way they were when we saved them from the trash along with the materials we will need to complete the project (steel wool, spray paint primer, colored spray paint).

The first step is to use the steel wool pads to scruff up the entire wood surface of the tables. This will allow the primer to have something to hold on to rather than a slick surface.

After getting all of the shine off the wood (and a few bumps) I took the tables to my grass and turned them upside down. Make sure to wipe off the table from the dusty debris so it doesn't get trapped under the paint!

 I sprayed the legs and posts while the table was upside down. This will later help avoid any drips ending up on the finished (and viewed) surface of the table.

I flipped the tables right-side up and primed the remaining surfaces of the table, making sure to use large motions and keep a distance from the furniture so it wouldn't spray on too thick.

I let the tables sit overnight with the primer before adding a coat of purple spray paint. I took more time with the final color and let the legs and spindles of the table dry completely before flipping the table upright and spraying the table surfaces.

After allowing the paint to completely dry, it was time for the tables to find their final home upstairs in a bright green bedroom!

Don't be afraid to rescue furniture from the roadside! For two tables the only cost to me was $11.23 for spray primer and paint. That's less than $6 a table and I still have left over paint and primer for another road-side saving project!


  1. I love it! Good tutorial and what a great inexpensive set of side tables!


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