Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Atlas Shrugged-A Movie Review

I have in the past done parent movie and book reviews, but this time it is about a movie that I would recommend for intellectual adults! The movie in question is based on the book "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. 

This movie is a trilogy that only the first 2 of 3 parts have come out. The third part is set to be released the summer of 2014.

I first found this movie on Netflix while browsing through the available movies and shows I might enjoy. I have never read a book by Rand but knew that she has been regarded by some as a thinker and intellectual. I always like a challenge, so I decided to see how I enjoyed the movie.

I watched the first part of the trilogy about a year ago and just didn't get it. I kept asking my husband questions and needed explanations as the movie went on. We just discovered the other week that the second part of the movie had been released (for a little while now). I decided I should watch the first part again so I would remember what was going on. To my delighted surprise Netflix had included an hour and 20 minute long documentary discussing Rand and the Atlas Shrugged.

The smart thing for me was certainly to watch the documentery, followed by the first and second parts of the trilogy. Things clicked...they started to make much more sense.

Before watching the documentary, I had no idea the cloud of negativity around Rand and all of her works over the years. Nor did I realize that college level papers have been written by the thousands on her and her beliefs and books.

This review provides me the perfect time to say that my grandmother taught me something long ago that has been possibly the most important life information I would ever need to know. She has never discussed her political or religious beliefs with others and guess what?! She has never encountered a friendship that went estranged because of opposite beliefs. She does, however, certainly have an opinion and sticks to what she believes. But she also has always believed that what is right and best to her might not be for someone else, and they should feel free as she does to believe what they feel!

So, back to the review with that in mind...Rand went into writing her book from a very strong standpoint and her purpose was to get that across at the complete risk of others not liking what she had to say. She provides some very compelling ideas and if you allow yourself to consider what she is sharing can really get you to start thinking!

I still don't know exactly how I feel or think after seeing the movie, but I am certainly more curious about learning about how the world works and government inside of that world.

I have almost always enjoyed books better than the movie so I am going to give the 1,000+ page book a try and see if I am able to enjoy it as much or more than the movie!

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