Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quick Read: Fun Alphabet Word Game

My family went on vacation last week to Myrtle Beach. It was a long drive from Ohio and so we played some games in the car on the way to keep ourselves awake and sane. My favorite game is one that I made up. My mom used to sing kumbayah when I was young and we would take turns singing a verse with different verbs. We would go through the whole alphabet. As I got older I realized my singing voice was less than desirable and stopped torturing those around me with it, but still enjoyed going through the alphabet taking turns coming up with words. Verbs were a bit overplayed by now, and no longer necessary without the song, so I chose different categories. I have played using adverbs, names in the Bible, fruits and vegetables, diseases, cartoon characters, and all sorts of different subjects. The game is perfect for car trips since you don't need anything except your imagination. It keeps you alert without taking too much attention from the driver, and is an awful lot of fun! My 10 yr old brother and 6 year old sister love it too, it is great for expanding vocabulary!

How to play:

Choose a category and set parameters - for example: One game we decided to do words having to do with cooking, but no ingredients. Any words that were non food items could be used as long as we could use them in a sentence about cooking. We started off with "Aprons" and ended on "Zesty". Sometimes we had to get a little creative, and some answers we thought of were pretty funny, but we successfully made it though the whole alphabet.

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