Friday, August 16, 2013

Raising a Baby Squirrel-Week 3

We made it to week 3!

This little guy still hasn't opened his eyes and it is amazing how quickly he is changing. The amount that he eats at once (as well as the amount he bathrooms) is increasing seemingly day by day. The coloring on his body is starting to resemble a squirrel we would be familiar with from the wild.

While feeding him this morning I noticed that he has two tiny teeth on the bottom of his mouth. They appear cute now, but I just hope he doesn't use them to bite me eventually.

When I have him out of the cage to feed him I often give him the opportunity to try walking on a flat surface. He does not have good balance and hasn't figured out all the right places to put his front and back legs.

The fingers and foot have changed remarkably in the last week as well. The toes (nails included) have become longer, and the pads of the foot have become more distinct. While feeding, he is starting to curl his feet and toes around my fingers and the syringe to grip onto them.

Can't wait to free him once old enough (6 more weeks perhaps)!

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