Friday, August 30, 2013

Raising a Baby Squirrel-Week 5

Wow this little guy sure has changed! I woke up one morning and picked him up out of his little box and nothing seemed different. That is, until I turned him the other direction and saw that he had one eye open!

I have been waiting for this moment for quite some time. I haven't been afraid of this little creature knowing it couldn't see me, but I was apprehensive about what I thought would happen once he was able to see me and where I was.  It wasn't until 24 hours later that his second eye opened, so I at least got to ease into knowing this little creature could see me. From everything I have read their eye sight is not very good the first couple of days.

When I help him go to the bathroom he doesn't as readily go like he had been, so because of this I believe that to some extent he is now able to got to the bathroom on his own. I want to play it more safe than sorry though, so I at least try. Baby squirrels can die of uric acid poisoning if they don't go to the bathroom frequently enough.

By the end of week 5 I had the squirrel on the speaker cabinet (click for video) in my husband's office and he was able to get his fingers grasped around all the holes. I figured since he doesn't have a tree to climb, I wanted to offer him something to begin building his strength and climbing skills so he is more capable of living in the wild.

I have had this little guy escape his box that he has been living in twice. I am very careful to make sure the office he is in always has the door closed so the other animals of the house can not hurt him. There is nothing in the room that he could climb very high or get lost or stuck in or on. We just have to very carefully make sure that he is safe and sound. Luckily, squirrels make a lot of noise naturally (think an equivalent to a cat's purr)...this is how I noticed him out of his box the first time!

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