Friday, August 23, 2013

Raising A Squirrel-Week 4

For the end of week three and most of week 4 the squirrel didn't seem to change as much as he had in the last few weeks.

His Eyes:
He still hasn't opened his eyes, but the creases of the eyes are deepening.  When you look at him you can sometimes even see his eyes moving around under his eyelids!

His Eating:
At the beginning of the week he had increased his eating more than 3x (almost an entire syringe) of what he was eating the first week we had him. But by the end of the week he was eating slightly less (about 1/2 of the syringe). He still only has two little teeth on the bottom of his mouth. I haven't noticed any teeth on the top of his mouth yet.

His Hair:
The hair on his body is starting to become thicker and multi colored. He has the grey/brown hair from before, but other hairs are coming in slightly red.

His Tail:
His tail is starting to look like a lighter grey than the rest of his hair. The hairs are also starting to grow outward around the tail taking on the shape of a traditional bushy tail.

His Walking:
This is one of my favorite parts of the squirrel's development. He is not walking steadily, but he is starting to be able to walk further without rolling over and losing his balance. His feet, toes and tails are beginning to grow longer so that he has more surface area against the ground that he is walking on.

My Care:
I am still leaving his heating pad turned on low because he loses body heat pretty quickly when he walks on the floor. Once he is able to take a short walk on the floor without feeling cold I will consider taking the heating pad away. I still make sure that I help the squirrel go to the bathroom when I have him out to feed him. Up to this point I do not think he was able to empty his bladder on his own, but I still stimulate him just in case he isn't on his own.

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