Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rewind Into Time

Do you ever feel like you are never able to keep up with the daily requirements your life has for you?! We feel the exact same way. There are some things in life that have a very high priority, and then there are other things that seem to always get moved to the 'I'll do that tomorrow...' list.

This post is a perfect example of shuffled priorities. If you are reading it, then you have discovered a retroactive post. Us Stepford Sisters make a valiant effort to write posts ahead of their live posting date. The concept of scheduling the post makes it easier to sit down and write anywhere from 1-7 posts at once. It also is very helpful if we know our upcoming week or month is going to have extra responsibilities that will make it difficult to write.

I suppose this post is going to turn into a mini list of helpful ideas for managing your time and keeping organized!

Here are some tips that are personally used my me (Stephanie Stepford) to try and keep organized and on time!

-Write lists...and include every last detail so it won't be forgotten
-Plan ahead with shopping for needed items
-Start early in the day, its amazing how much more can be done 3 hours in the a.m. as opposed to 3 hours in the p.m.
-Pick up after yourself as you takes less committed time for cleaning and organizing this way
-Finish tasks and projects earlier than necessary to avoid unforeseen roadblocks and complications
The last, but not least tip for organization and timeliness (as shown by this very post) *Just because a deadline has arrived doesn't mean you shouldn't do what you are late doing! Some things are worth doing late, rather than never :-)

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