Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Table Setting

I had to replace my old worn and ripped vinyl table cloth and decided to make a formal table setting. It is the first time I had done so, so I really tried to make it look great.

I started by finding some fall colored placemats with light orange, dark orange, brown, and off-white. I purchased several years ago but had never used. I had 6 placemats, 6 off-white napkins, and 2 orange napkins.

I used the 6 matching white napkins to go at each place setting with plain folds and I found a tutorial for fancy napkin folding and came up with one that would stand upright!

 Here are 28 ways to fold napkins by BuzzFeed and the tutorial I used below for a crown fold can be found here.

I reused my table centerpiece that has a flower vase in the middle and votive candle holders around it, I tried putting some extra folded napkins in the same colors in it, but ended up sorting through my round glass pebbles and filling it with yellow, brown, red, orange, and clear and putting a small pumpkin on the top. I already had 'hot apple cider' scented votives it it PERFECT! I turned an orange charger upside down to give it a pop of color.

One of the first things I did when I opened my new table cloth was iron it from the underside since it was a plastic coated fabric table cloth. The pictures show ripples along the table-it just took some time for the table cloth to pull to all four sides evenly and get rid of the extra fabric because it is a glass table, not wood (for some reason that seems to matter). Be patient-if you keep pulling and tugging you will probably get frustrated. 

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