Monday, September 16, 2013

Meals as Gifts for Older Demographics

I am sure most of you can relate to having an older relative or friend who has it all...and you can't think of a single thing to get them that they need or want. Well, I might just have the solution for you. Make them meals!

I got this idea when my grandmother's birthday was rapidly approaching. She has entered her 80's and has a harder time standing and preparing food in her kitchen (although perfectly capable!). I determined that it would mean a lot to her to not only purchase the ingredients for the food, but prepare it, cook it, and individually portion it!

 I was able to make enough food to fill the silver pan below that would be large enough to roast a small turkey in! This will provide her with enough food to have about 50 total meals. She can choose to share that with my grandfather or keep it for herself (she is really good at sharing 60+ years of marriage later :-) )

I made a dish I call quick chili, chicken breast with broccoli cheese rice, and Bratwurst with Uncle Ben's rice. This makes it easy to pair with a piece of fresh fruit or a fresh vegetable that she already has in the house. The food can be frozen and easily thawed since it is in single serving bags.

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