Friday, September 13, 2013

Outdoor Stepping-Stone Clean Up

I have had some stepping stones in my backyard that lead from my back patio to the gate that leads to my driveway. They were there when we moved into the house some 6 years ago and I haven't done anything with them since we moved in. They are on a slight slope that erodes away the dirt that is around them. Over the course of the time we have lived here they have become an inch or two lower in the ground.

It has been a project I have procrastinated since spring and figured it was finally time to just get to work. My original thought was to purchase bags and bags of rocks to put in the area then lift and replace the stones on top of them. However, my husband had a much easier and cheaper idea: use mulch.

The idea sounds so simple, yet I think it will be exactly what we need to get the job done. This will allow us to cut an edge on the grass and create a mulched area separate from the grass. I also worry that my dachshunds would try eating any rocks or pebbles that I would use instead.

So, the plan of attack for this project:

1. Remove as much weed and overgrowth as possible by hand.
2. Flip up the stepping stones (carefully as to no break them)
3. Spray additional weeds with weed killer
4. Place mulch on the entire area (including under where the stone will end up)
5. Flip the stepping stone back into place and allow its weight to pull it down into place.
6. Walk along the stones several times to help settle them and pack down the mulch.
7. Finish the edge where I want the grass to meet the mulched area (this will depend how to connect mulched areas to look best)

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