Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Raising a Baby Squirrel-Week 6

This week was so strange for my update on the baby squirrel because I was out of town for the entire week while my husband cared for the baby squirrel. 

A few changes happened while I was gone though.

He learned to escape the box he was living in, so he got moved to a new enclosure that has glass sides and a screened lid. The bottom of the enclosure has natural coconut bark and a little hideout place for him to feel safe in. There is a source of heat still for the little guy because he isn't regulating his temperature well enough on his own.

When I returned from my trip, I was absolutely shocked at how large the squirrel had gotten in just 6 days. I was slightly afraid of him at first, but then realized that most of his apparent growth was that his hair and tail are looking fuller and bushy because his hair is growing.

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