Monday, September 23, 2013

Raising a Baby Squirrel- Week 7

The squirrel has had time to get some nuts and seeds in his cage. I have a short video that you can watch of him looking at the new-to-him foods!

He has also had time to run up and down a tree log in the house. I wanted to provide him something that would be very close to what he would experience in the wild. I had a long log from a tree I had cut down earlier this summer that was just perfect for him. I love this video because he rubs his little face then turns himself into the cutest squirrly ball!!

The squirrel is still drinking formula but is showing interest in the nuts and seeds provided to him. He holds them in between his little hands and gnaws on them just like you would imagine. I only know this from watching him when outside the room. Any time he would sense someone coming in he would immediately stop. I guess natural instincts don't need to be taught! He just knows how to have an idea what is going on around him.

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