Friday, September 20, 2013

Sensory Playdate - Bugs and Flowers

Sara and Lily Stepford came over for a play date today! We decided to do some sensory play together and I chose the theme of bugs (for my boy) and flowers (for the girly girl). Syrus (at just a little over 3 months) had fun, but Lily being a little older (9 months), really got into it!


Items used:

Various silk flowers
Rose petals
Ladybug robe
Straw flowers
Hungry Caterpillar toy
Butterfly net
Garden book
Butterfly rattle
Fowery silk scarf
Flower box
Ladybug costume
Flower and bug jewlry
Ladybug umbrella
and Butterfly pasta (colored bow-tie pasta)

Lily decided to read us all the book

And I read it again to Syrus

Lily looked great in the ladybug costume

So we showered her in rose petals!

She was a Lily-bug!

Mommy caught the Lily-bug!

Then Lily caught Sy!

Then we caught a dragonfly

Sy enjoyed the flowers

So did Lily

And the two of them enjoyed the rose petals together

Then came the really fun part, the butterfly pasta!

We used gel food coloring to get the vibrant colors

Lily wasn't sure what to think at first, but then she got into it.

Syrus preferred to just dip his feet in

The kids seemed to have a very good time and so did we!

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