Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 Amazing Oatmeal Recipes

As the air gets crisper and I start feeling chilly in the mornings, a hot breakfast becomes rather important to me, and one of my favorite breakfast foods in the colder months is oatmeal! This is something my mother finds difficult to believe since she literally had to chase me and hold me down, forcing the spoon into my mouth, in order to get me to try it as a child (I was a bit of a picky eater). Now however, I love oatmeal and so I wanted to share with you a few of the reasons why, as well as a couple of my favorite recipes!

Reasons I love oatmeal:

1. It is super healthy! Oatmeal lowers cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar, and is full of antioxidants. Plus it helps increase milk production, and as a breast feeding mom, that is a big plus!

2. It is so easy to make! Oatmeal is so quick and simple, anyone can do it. Even the non-instant kind is still pretty much instant and hardly adds anything to the steps.

3. Variety! You can mix in so many different flavors with your oatmeal that it never gets boring. Which is where these awesome recipes come in to play!

Coffee Shop Oatmeal by A Beautiful Mess

Five Minute Chocolate Oatmeal by Chocolate Covered Katie

Savory Oatmeal and Soft Cooked Egg by Martha Stewart

Oatmeal with Bacon and Maple Syrup by Real Simple

and Apple Pie Oatmeal by Channeling Contessa

For more breakfast ideas check out Breakfast Part OnePart Two, and Pumpkin for Breakfast

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