Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween is Tomorrow!

This fall has gone so fast already and with Halloween tomorrow it seems like it is almost over already. This year more than any other year, we have noticed in our community people turning this holiday into a giving event. People put as much effort into decorating their homes as they do for Christmas.

These same people are doing things for their communities as well. One local home is doing a Fright Hunger campaign (with the letter 'r' a different letter so it also reads 'fight hunger'. As they pass out candy each year they have large boxes to collect food for the local food pantry.

As we all get excited to dress up in our costumes, go to themed parties, and eat an abundance of candy it is great to be reminded that there are people in need all times of the year-not just at Thanksgiving and the holidays.

Does your community have a special way to give back themed around Halloween? Let us know if you do in our comment section!

Have a safe and spectacular Halloween :-)
With love from all your Stepford Sisters

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