Friday, October 25, 2013

Repainting Rooms

I don't particularly love painting rooms, however I must say there is something very fulfilling when the job is done start to finish.

One of the hardest parts for some people is picking a color. This is one of the easier parts for me. The only catch is that my requirements are that I am not changing my furniture or decorations to match a new color and that I need to be able to tell a difference in color to feel like my efforts were not for nothing.

I repainted my living room and dining room in a span of two days, start to finish (including moving furniture and putting it all back).

My biggest regret is that I didn't take a full photo of my dining room before I started. My original purpose for taking photos of painting in progress was to prove that my colors were different from before and after...but the project ended up helping me reclaim my dining room for its intended purpose: dining!

The living room went from a light beige to a light yellow called 'bee's nectar'. Here are the before and after:

The adjoining room to this is my dining room. It started out with a light green on top and the same light beige as the living room on the bottom. The dining room got a darker shade of green on top (called bullfrog green) and the bee's nectar color on the bottom. As the paint dried the color difference from the brushed on cutting in and the rolled on color blended together much nicer than the picture appears.

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