Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sensory Play: Ocean Themed Sensory Bins

I have recently begun using sensory play with my 3 month old son. We have lots of fun and it is great to watch him develop more and more interest as he grows, each time he seems more into it than the last.

Syrus was feeling a little crabby today so we decided to do some sensory play to cheer him up!

We are currently decorating our bathroom in an ocean theme so I had lots of cool things for us to play with on hand.

What we used:

A turtle sandbox for the dry area
Ocean themed books (Boats and Ursala)
Ribbon (to represent weeds)
Bow (to represent a sea urchin)
Fish candle
Coconut half
Lizard toys
his Pentapus (octopus with 5 arms)
Fishing net
Sting Ray Puppet
Flower lei
Deflated spiky rubber ball (sea anemone)
Spinning ocean top toy

A container for the wet part of the ocean
Squid toy
Fish toys
Rubber duck toy
Bath sponge unraveled for seaweed
Turtle massager

A bath for him to splash in
Sponge bath mat
a Watering can

Daddy and Syrus played with the sting ray puppet

Mommy read the books

We put the sea urchin bow on Syrus' head, he was not amused (but we were!).

Then it was time to get in the water. I used Syrus' watering can to water him in his pool. I think he was afraid I was going to get it in his face, but I did not.

Syrus quickly tangled his feet in the "sea weed" while we were playing!

By the end of it his little tub was full of all the things we played with :)

It was getting a little crowded in there so we decided that was enough excitement for one day.

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