Monday, October 14, 2013

The Perfect Manicure

One of my little pleasures in life is to have my nails done. I'm not talking about slapping on a quick coat of paint and letting it do whatever...I love them to look like I went to a nail salon to have them painted.

I get so bothered by nail polish that gets bubbles, imperfections, or chips within the day or two of having them done. I just can't bring myself to pay for (and devote the time) to going to a nail salon so I have learned some tricks and hints along the way.

The first and most important thing is to have quality materials to start with. My absolute favorite and almost exclusive brand is OPI.

1. I use the natural nail base coat before ever painting my finger nail with color. This does, in my opinion, two things. The first is that it protects your nail from getting discolored and stained from pigments in polish. And the second is that it creates an invisible first coat to hide nail imperfections and provide a smooth bondable surface for the color.

2. I use the nail lacquer for my color. This type of polish is almost like if you would have someone paint your nails like a car is painted. Most colors can not be looked through because it is a solid cover when painted.

3. I use the top coat to protect the color from scraping, chipping, and nicking. The top coat also helps fill in any minor brush indents or other imperfections. This top coat is going to completely finish off the professional look to your manicure.

I have some additional tips for your manicure:

*Use as few brush strokes as possible when painting your nail and go quickly. The paint starts to try once spread out and it will not look smooth if you try manipulating it once it is drying.

*Never shake your polish, roll it between your hands. If you shake the polish you will incorporate small air bubbles into the polish and when it is on your fingernail you will end up with small bubbles.

*Take plenty of time between all coats. The longer you can wait, the less likely you are to damage them because a single layer at a time dries much faster than multiple layers needing to dry.

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  1. i paint my nails perfectly and then these air bubbles pop up WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


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