Friday, January 10, 2014

Disposable Diaper Comparison, Which Brand is Best?

I'll just warn you now, this post is total crap....just kidding there will be some pee talk too. I have been experimenting with a few different brands of diapers and decided to share my findings with the rest of you.

Luvs: Luvs are my least favorite diaper. I like the commercials, but can't stand the product. They don't hug my baby's body at all and the seem to leak more than any other diaper. They are especially dangerous with the liquidy newborn poop.

Huggies hug better than Luvs, but they are far from foolproof. Syrus has woken a few times in the night feeling uncomfortably wet and they occasionally fail to contain blow outs. If you are a new parent and aren't familiar with the term blowout...don't will be.

Babies R Us:
For a not-so-name-brand brand of diapers these are surprisingly good quality. The price is pretty nice too. I never had any leaks when I used these and would definitely recommend them.

Pampers: I love Pampers. They are the only diaper I trust to stay on all night and be dry in the morning. Of course, they aren't really "12 hours dry" like they claim, but they are good for at least a solid 8 which is Heaven to moms.

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