Friday, January 3, 2014

Facial Care and Changes that Come with Age

I have noticed as I get older I tend to have less breakouts on my cheeks and nose and more around the bottom of my jaw line. I assumed I must have been doing something habitually different such as lean on my hands with lotion and add extra oil to that part of my face.

I recently found an article written my Dr. Diane S. Version and she explained the reason why. In adolescents, they have breakouts in their T-zones, as we age a bit our zone changes to a V-zone that runs around the bottom of our jaw line and down our neck. This is because the hormones in our bodies change with age and the V-zone has more hormonal receptivity. I am certainly experiencing this exact change as I a only a few years from reaching my30's.

I made a resolution for the year 2014 that I would start taking care of my face better by washing it and treating it better. For Christmas I received the facial care set from Clinique which includes a mild face wash, skin toner, and skin lotion all designed for the use on a slightly oily to normal type of skin. So far, I am noticing an improvement with my skin, complexion, and the way my makeup is smoothly staying on my skin. I am also careful not to rub my skin with a washcloth because that irritates it and the skin on your face is very sensitive. It certainly pays off to use good quality personal hygiene products because you are going to live with your face forever!

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