Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Flower Pot Pens Made Yourself

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a mysterious phenomenon that occurs wherever I go-a case of the missing pen. I can be at home, work, or riffling through my car and purse and the pen I know I had not-so-long ago is missing. It could be that the pens have grown legs and walked away, or just an innocent pen-borrower forgot it wasn't theirs. But, this problem has been a big enough hassle and aggravation that I decided to make my own flower pens. I have seen this idea in doctors offices before and thought, "oh, that's a pretty cute idea" then never thought about it again.

So here are my tips for deciding what materials to use for your flower pot of pens. First you want to pick out quality pens. Really, I'm totally serious. Think about it like this: you are going to put time and money into materials to make these pens look nice, so you do not want the pen to stop working or work at any lesser quality than necessary. It is worth the extra expense up front for decent pens. The second consideration are flowers that will get you through the entire year or at least most of it (seasonally speaking). If you find flowers that match the decor in which they will sit this is the most efficient use of flowers. However, some people like to add pens seasonally. Either way, pick something you enjoy seeing!

The last part is pretty easy, and I recommend going to a dollar store or an inexpensive store, and that is to find the container to display your pens in. You can use a vase, pot, seasonal container, candle holder, or any other container that you can fit your pens in. I have seen people use marbles, sand, coffee beans, small pebbles, or even nothing to fill the pots. My suggestion is if you can see through the container fill it, if not don't worry!

When you go out shopping don't forget to make sure you have the following materials:
scissors (to cut the flowers off the artificial stems) or wire cutters
floral tape (to wrap around the pen keeping the flower attached to the top)
quality pens
quality artificial flowers
container to display the pens in

I was very surprised how difficult it was to cut my flowers off the artificial bouquet. They had thick wire under the green plastic of the stem so I had to wiggle the wire back and forth some to weaken it. Make sure you leave about 1/2 inch to 1 inch of stem right under the flower so your floral tape has something to fasten to the length of your pen. Some people leave several inches and wrap the entire length of the pen. I personally only like to wrap my pen 1/3 of the length down so when people hold the pen they are touching the actual pen. The tape can get gummy and dirty if touched where fingers traditionally grip it.

When using the floral tape know that it doesn't feel sticky on its own but it sticks to itself once you start wrapping it. Be generous in your wrapping because you want to make sure it doesn't start uncurling once people start touching and using the pens.

Once you have made all of your pens place them inside the display container you chose and watch how infrequently (if ever) your pens disappear!
My original inspiration was this simple yet classy pot by cafemom:

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