Sunday, January 5, 2014

Quick Read! New Years Resolutions Update!

Last year we gave you our new years resolutions...this year we will take a look back and see how we did!

 Stephanie Stepford: I have maintained a "drop in ready" home at almost all times over the past year. This has made me happier and likely healthier-especially the mental variety of health! As far as food goes, I haven't made as great of a stride toward eating through old purchases but that is because I have been eating from the fridge and freezer more and the pantry is less frequented. I have greatly reduced junk food purchases and have a fair variety of ingredients rather than snacks or prepared foods. To read about my 2014 New Years resolution, check out my post on Facial Care!

Jairica Stepford:
I definitely ate more home made natural foods this year! Having gestational Diabetes really made that a priority for me. I also believe I have made great strides in becoming more patient. A teething baby keeping you up all night is the best practice for that a woman could ask for! This year I want to work on cutting out as much fat from diet as I possibly can and really work on my body fueling.

Sara Stepford: This year I am going to embrace myself. Embrace my habits and my personality. I LIKE who I am. I LIKE my personality, there are no major things that I feel I need to devote a resolution to fixing. I want to start fresh in this way and this way alone: every single day that I am afforded the opportunity to open my eyes and take a breath, is a new opportunity to do something different or change something I want to change. Live life. Enjoy it. Stop thinking you only have once chance to mark something right or do something different.

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