Friday, January 17, 2014

Scarves, scarves, everywhere I look!

I love scarves. No, let me try again.... I. LOVE. SCARVES!!!!!

Admittedly, I am a crazy scarf fan. Be it spring, summer, fall, or the obvious winter. I have quite a collection (about 60) and it grows when I see the deal of a lifetime at the end of season mark-downs. I have a top five ways to wear scarves, as well as some tips on how to pick a scarf.

Top five ways to tie a scarf:

 5. Infinity scarf (all three ways are super easy: first is doubled around your neck, second is just around your neck, and for the third way see favorite #1 at the end of the post)

 4. The fancy loop

 3. The twisted Braid
I like to have scarves of all different lengths, weights, patterns and size. This keeps my scarf wearing fresh and interesting. I have learned over time that your scarf does not have to match exactly what you are wearing. If you are wearing a pattern on your clothing, go with a solid or minimally busy pattern in your scarf. If you are wearing solid clothing you have a much larger opportunity for colors, patterns, and textures.
Another tip I have with scarves is adding an additional element to them. If you have bangles (bracelets) or necklace charms with a large loop, you can link them onto your scarf and create a jewelry focal point on the scarf.
 2. Scarves with accessories
Another tip is that if you have a decorative napkin holder, these (depending on how they look) can be used on your scarf instead of a more expensive official scarf accessory!
Now, finally to my last and most favorite way to wear a scarf:
1. Go-To Traditional (non-infinity scarf)

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