Friday, February 21, 2014

Abnormal Winter Happenings

This winter has proved to have so many things different than we can remember in the last half dozen or so winters we have experienced.

So far, this year alone we have seen negative temperatures almost thirty degrees below with wind chill.

I tried an experiment I had heard of people doing much further north: taking hot water and throwing it up in the air while outside. I tried this during daylight and at night and the results were amazing. Of course I couldn't take a video while I was also throwing water in the air so I found a similar looking photo to show you. It even makes a sound as you do it-the water goes straight from a liquid to a gas and leaves a cloud suspended for a short time.

Another thing that happened this year was during a time of snow, high winds, and low temperatures. The local media referred to them as snow-rollers. Think of something like a tumble weed in the west but with snow across wide open fields. There were none in my neighborhood but on fields that had room for wind to gust they were seen everywhere.

The last abnormal winter happening was something that was heard, not seen-a cryoseism (aka ice quakes or frost quakes). When the temperatures got very low, there was some water that went into the ground and froze.

It sounded as if a large tree fell straight down onto the ground in our back yard. I had no idea what the noises were until the next day on the news. So silly me, once it was daylight out, I tried to see if there were large cracks in the yard where the ground had split apart. Well, I guess it happens under ground because the yard was completely intact!


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