Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Balloons-Some great Ideas and Tips

I used to love balloons-that is until I developed an allergy to latex and can no longer blow them up or touch them. I realized over the last few months that there are certainly perks to avoiding balloons (not getting light headed blowing them!) but there are still a few things I miss.

Did you know....

If you need to pop many balloons and you hate the loud sound of them popping or hate trying to go find all the pieces that exploded away there is a  much simpler solution! If you place a piece of clear tape on part of the balloon you can poke the balloon with a needle and it will not break apart or make a loud noise. If you have small children or pets this can save their lives because they won't find a small piece of rubber that they can choke on.

If you place water inside them and add food coloring you can place them outside during very cold winters and then remove the balloon once frozen and they will look like large marbles outside in the yard.

 You can also make crafts with balloons, including wreaths like this one below:

If you are having a balloon themed party you can use Dum-Dum suckers to make balloon cupcakes as well.

And if you have a lot of creative energy and time with balloons, you can add balloons and create a pattern.

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