Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quick Tip: Changing the Time on a Clock or Watch

Another thing in February I want to share about that I love are clocks-especially those from the 40's and 50's. I have an entire wall of different clocks in my house and it is important to know the proper way to take care of them. Especially when the time changes or a clock needs to be wound and the proper time adjusted. No one had ever told me before-and it is a huge deal now that I know! When you need to change the time on a clock (or a watch)  you should always go clockwise.

The gears and interworkings of a clock are meant to be turned in only one direction to keep everything going the right way and keep accuracy

Also, if it is a clock that requires manually moving the hands to change the time (as opposed to a watch with a knob to twist) you should always move it with the minute hand NEVER the hour hand. Again, this is about the gears and relationship between all of hte parts.

If your clock has a chime at top bottom (and sometimes every quarter hour) ALWAYS take the time to let it go through the chimes. I recommend stoping at right before the minute it will chime, you can often hear or feel the hand click as it is activating the mechanisims inside for the chiming.

Clocks can be very expensive to have repaired and worked on, so making sure you take care of it the way it was designed to be will save you money down the road.

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